Sunday, February 15, 2009

PF Blog Spotlight - Studenomics

My second spotlight topic is a relative newcomer to the personal finance blogging world, Studenomics. He focuses on money and economics from the point of view of a Business Management student. He was also the first person to comment on my blog, back in my first post, so I figured it would be appropriate to give his blog a closer look.

His blog's name comes from combining the words 'Student' and 'Economics' (highly creative, I know, but don't hold that against him). Some of the most interesting posts he's done so far include interviews with other PF bloggers; it's good to see a bit of 'behind-the-scenes' with regards to other financial writers. He also has a tendency to post really thought-provoking questions, from who's to blame for your monetary problems to the pros and cons of student loans.

He's doing a good job with his blog, and I wish him great success in his blogging attempts. Among his more interesting recent posts:

PF Blogger Interview: The Financial Blogger - One of the interviews that make Studenomics stand out from the other PF blogs, this is most recent (as of this writing). In this case, he talks to an industrious French Canadian blogger, who's currently working on his MBA. I'll have to apply the advice they discuss for increasing PF blog traffic.

Is Valentine’s Day a Marketing Scam? - A question that every guy (and probably most girls) were asking themselves yesterday. Studenomics raises a few questions that would make you question the wisdom of spending a small fortune in romantic gestures (assuming that you, unlike me, read the article before the holiday was over).

Recession Survival Guide For Current Students
- As befits a financial blog that focuses on students, this is a short of list of good advice for current students in these recessionary times. Doing good in your classes, networking with fellow students and professors, and tuning out the deluge of negative news are all solid pieces of advice for undergraduates. Personally, one path I've been considering is going back to school for a Master's degree, so his last suggestion really hit home for me.

Emergency Fund Spending Options - One of his thoughtful posts, discussing when and how people should spend their emergency funds. It's a subject that not many financial writers discuss; for all the talk of the size of emergency funds and how to go about building those funds in investing literature, few people give suggestions as to when to tap your emergency funds. The discussions of


  1. Thanks a lot Roger! Keep up the great work with your blog man!

  2. You're very welcome, my friend; glad to do what I can to support another PF blogger trying to create a thoughtful blog.