Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine Wrap-Up

Fuel to travel to the other side of Pennsylvania and back: $ 94

Dinner at Applebee's: $ 52

Tickets to Coraline: $20

Clay and Accessories at M & M Pottery: $107

Fancy Candles at Yankee Candle: $37

Wings at Buffalo Wild Wings: $30

Farewell Breakfast at Perkins: $35

A weekend spent with my Valentine: Priceless

Well, I got back from visiting with my girlfriend yesterday; as you can see, it was a bit on the expensive side. Still, I think it was worth it to spend time with her, and I'll just have to try to keep the expenses down a bit next time. The gas is pretty much a requirement, but everything else could be cut back. (Well...the clay and other items we got from M & M were technically her Valentine's gift; it's part of the joys of dating a girl who's studying sculpting in college.) Hopefully, my next trip (the first week of March) will be a bit more under control.

Anyway, Happy Post-Valentine's day to everyone, and I hope the rest of February treats you all well! (Also, I highly recommend you see Coraline; it's a great movie, delightfully creepy with just a touch of humor. Definitely a great date movie, if your date doesn't mind something a bit odd and sometimes creepy)

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