Monday, March 9, 2009

Working Through the Monday Blahs

For those of you who read my post last Monday, you know the college where I am working had Spring Break last week. Since that's currently my only job (although, hopefully not for too much longer *crosses fingers*), I effectively had Spring Break as well. I spent most of it out visiting my girlfriend, and had a great time.

Unfortunately, though, it's left me behind in my blogging. I've managed to get the last two entries out during this rather busy weekend, but I'm getting stuck about what I should write this week. Luckily, I have a few ideas of how to break my mental block:

1) Catch up on my PF blog reading - I've got over two hundred entries to read in my RSS feed, just from the few writers I follow regularly. Reading, digesting, and possibly commenting on all those articles should certainly spark an idea or two.

2) Reading more PF books - I've been falling behind on my reading to learn lately; between my job, my blog, and my personal life, I haven't had a chance to read some of the books I've really wanted to read. Besides sparking some ideas for related posts, it might even be worthwhile to consider putting up a few book reviews.

3) Engage the PF community - I'm currently a member of the Money Blog Network forums, where a lot of PF bloggers gather and discuss various issues. More than a few of the topics I've read through made me think, 'hum, this might make a good blog entry'. Now all I need is some follow through.

4) Write to teach myself - There are plenty of personal finance and money topics I'd like to learn more about; making an effort to identify, study, and then write about those topics would be an excellent learning experience, and would probably provide enough material for years worth of posts.

5) Consider a different blog - I like personal finance, and love writing this blog. But, as they say, variety is the spice of life. Perhaps cutting down on the 7-10 entries a week I put up on this blog and starting another blog for one of my other interests could help to keep me motivated.

Just some thoughts on how to break my Monday 'Blah' mood and start writing again.

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