Thursday, March 19, 2009

Moving Day!

I have some good news to share with you all; I'm going to be moving! Well, my blog is, anyway.

Yes, after reading up on blogging tips and advice at the Money Blog Network, I've decided to get my own domain and make a more serious effort at blogging as a serious endeavor. I've already set up the weblog at, and as soon as I get things up and running (probably this weekend, as I'm making a concerted effort to have this switch-over complete by Monday), you'll have a brand-new Amateur Financier site to read and enjoy!

I'm letting all of my loyal readers (or at least, the two people currently following me on RSS feeds) know about this change-over to express a couple of concerns. First, to paraphrase Doctor McCoy from Star Trek, I'm a biochemist, not a webmaster. There might be some quirks and other problems in the transfer that prevent me from doing a seamless transition from Blogger to Wordpress (hosted on Dreamhost, for those who want all the gritty details), and I just want to give you all fair warning.

Second, I'm not sure how this move will affect those of you following me using RSS feeds. I hope that the transfer options on Wordpress will allow me to adjust everything from my end, so that you can continue to receive my words of wisdom on a daily basis. But to ensure uninterrupted bulletins from my blog, you might need to update your feeds. (And if you are linking to my blog elsewhere, I ask you to please adjust your links when the new blog is up and running.)

Third, this move is part of a larger effort on my part to make this blog more relevant and interesting to you, my readers (and, I won't deny, more profitable to me). So, please, if you have any advice or suggestions, on issues from the appearance of the blog to the specific subjects I should cover, let me know. This is a good time for making changes to my blog, and any feedback I can get will be given all due consideration.

Finally, thank you to everyone who is watching me; I hope that I can continue to entertain and inform through my writing.

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